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Personalized Luxury Bathroom Vanities 


Selecting a bathroom vanity is a highly personalized process. When done thoughtfully, you must consider lifestyle and usability factors, current and future storage needs, individual aesthetic preferences, and much more. 

Discovering the right bathroom vanity design to fit your lifestyle can be challenging. If you're struggling to find a luxury bathroom vanity that hits the mark, you might need to shift your approach and opt for flexible design solutions and dynamic concepts that adapt to you. Why not give yourself the freedom of personalization?

chapter 1

Design Flexibility Through a Modular Approach

An innovative modular approach allows you to pare up or down and personalize around the size of the space, how much storage space you need, the look you’re trying to achieve, and your daily habits.

Seamless Personalization

With this style of design system, each component acts as a 'building block' from cabinet styles and sizes to countertop materials and accent details. The beauty lies in the flexibility to mix and match to suit your vision and space.

Overcome Design Obstacles 

When you have to conform to an existing space, a modular approach allows you to adapt to the footprint and turn challenges into opportunities through design flexibility. A wide variety of sizes and creative configurations—creating multiple levels, embracing asymmetry, stacking, layering, staggering, and so on—enable you to accommodate any space constraints.

Cohesive Design

Leverage the depth of the modular design approach to coordinate a theme throughout your entire space and across every element, including drawer details, hardware styles, and accents.

Streamline Your Search

Shift from aimlessly searching for luxury bathroom vanities and craft your perfect design with a flexible modular approach. Rather than searching endlessly or compromising on your vision, start with a curated collection that allows you to tailor individual features. Think of modular elements as building blocks that you can interchange, rotate, and incorporate different colors and materials to get the look you desire.

chapter 2

Versatile Design Themes for Every Aesthetic

You want every element of your luxury bathroom to tie seamlessly into your design theme, including the vanity. No matter where your tastes lean, dynamic frameworks enable your design vision with access to robust materials, finishes, and color palettes.

Endless Possibilities

Finding the perfect vanity design is difficult. How many luxury bathroom vanities have you seen that almost fit what you have in mind, but not quite? A modular design approach allows you to tailor to your vision and space, offering an optimized way of achieving your design aesthetic.

Unleash your creativity with diverse materials, finishes, tones, colors, and textures that enable you to capture your unique vision. The themes you can design around are endless. Examples include:

  • Modern minimalist: Keep it clean and simple with tone-on-tone finishes. 
  • Transitional: Combine traditional and contemporary elements to match your style.
  • Rustic luxe: Go modern chic with a touch of cozy warmth or a live-edge countertop.
  • Contemporary coastal: Evoke the seaside with cool colors and wood-look materials.
  • Industrial: Capture a rugged vibe with dark tones and brushed metal. 
  • Opulent luxury: Get a glint of shiny metallic details on a richly colored backdrop. 

Coordinated Elements

Tying a space together requires coordination and flexibility beyond the vanity. An open-ended approach allows you to tailor every element to craft a cohesive design theme across elements, solutions, and accents.

Think beyond the vanity with coordinating elements such as:

  • Wall- and floor-mounted storage solutions
  • Modern mirrors
  • Basins and vessels
  • Fixtures and accessories
Urban lowheight-std height
chapter 3

Maximizing Storage and Usability

You spend a lot of time at the vanity getting ready for the day ahead and winding down at the end of the day. But you don’t want to waste time combing through websites and product catalogs to find the perfect solution. Start with vanity collections that bridge the gap between form and function so you don’t have to compromise on beauty or utility. 

Enjoy Lifestyle-Driven Solutions

Design around how you want to use this central bathroom element now and in the future. Do you need extra storage for everything that comes along with kids? Are you planning to age in place? What amenities would your guests enjoy?

Whatever your priorities are, you can design around them with a dynamic, open-ended approach.

Maximize Your Footprint

Whether you have an expansive primary bath or are renovating a small bathroom, you want to get the most from the space, especially when it comes to storage. Ensure space for all of the essentials with solutions such as:

  • Open and concealed storage
  • Counter space
  • Intermixed elements
  • Coordinated wall-mounted storage

Craft a Tailored Environment

Functionality is important, but don’t forget to consider the vibe you’re trying to create. Whether you’re aiming for clean and clutter-free, warm and cozy, or a relaxing, spa-like environment, storage solutions impact the overall feel. Prioritize concealed storage for a calmer space, put frequently used items on the countertop within easy reach for maximum efficiency, or incorporate an open shelf to display decorative items.

chapter 4

Modern Materials for Luxury and Longevity

Materials have the power to transform an ordinary vanity into a luxury oasis. When you want to modernize your bathroom, you need to choose the right materials for your vanity design. Capturing that contemporary intrigue starts with the materials you choose.


Modern materials are designed to endure through innovative engineering and time-tested craftsmanship. In addition to being resistant to scratches and other surface damage, many contemporary materials are also resistant to moisture, bacteria, and changes in temperature. 

Textures, Colors, and Patterns

Modern materials widen the possibilities and allow you to amplify your vision through:

  • Extensive color palettes that allow you to tailor the vanity to match any design theme
  • Patterns that mimic the look of wood, stone, marble, concrete, and other natural materials
  • Textures that add visual depth and a luxurious tactile experience
  • Personalized cabinets and drawer fronts, frames, hardware, shelving, and more
  • Contemporary tone-on-tone, complementary colors, bold contrast, and endless color combinations
  • Layering to create a dynamic effect

Diverse Possibilities

Personalize the countertop, cabinets, and drawer fronts with contemporary materials with timeless sophistication designed to endure.

Countertop Finishes

  • High-pressure laminate (HPL): Choose from various colors and patterns, including the look of wood, stone, and marble.
  • Porcelain: Get the natural look of marble or stone without the maintenance.
  • Solid-surface: Available in a textured, gloss, or matte finish in rich, opaque colors.
  • Glass: Choose from an array of stunning colors with a smooth, glossy finish.
  • Fenix: Amp up the luxury with a soft, velvety finish that is resistant to fingerprints.

Cabinet Finishes

  • HPL: Match or complement the countertop with various colors and patterns, including wood, stone, and marble.
  • Lacquered: Elevate your style with rich, opaque colors in a pristine finish.
  • Soft-touch: Pair with Fenix countertops for a cohesive luxury feel.
  • Brushed metal: Evoke a sleek industrial aesthetic with metallic tones.
  • 3D: Get the look and tactile feel of natural wood grain, cement, and stone finishes.
Urban Duplex Vanity
chapter 5

Vanity Design Inspiration

With design flexibility, you have the latitude to craft a personalized statement piece that is intrinsically you. Get inspired by these ideas that leverage the modular approach to create exclusive looks.

A Relaxing, Spa-Like Experience

Urban countertop with open and closed bathroom wall storage

Bring the calming vibe of the spa into your home with a sophisticated vanity that incorporates the natural look of wood complemented with a rich, darkly colored cabinet. This Urban Low Height vanity pairs a thick floating countertop with lower storage to create negative space, extra shelf storage, and clean horizontal lines.

Pair this with a contemporary rectangular vessel sink, a modern mirror, and personalized wall-mounted storage with soothing neutral tones for a relaxing sanctuary. 

Mirror-Image Dual Vanities


If you and your partner want your own space or the kids need two sinks to maintain harmony, mirrored dual vanities will support your lifestyle. These matching Class vanities are personalized with bold black frames and glass cabinet fronts in a contemporary teal tone.  

Matching rectangular mirrors perfectly proportioned to the vanities below accentuate the symmetry of this modern space.

Transitional Texture

Lame bathroom vanity

Evoke a transitional texture with exclusive, luxurious textures and architectural accents. This Lamè vanity features three contemporary diamond patterned drawers and perches atop tapered legs with metallic caps for a touch of traditional aesthetic. The result is an elegant transitional vanity that whispers luxury.

The classic white vessel sink features a diamond texture to continue the theme, while the round backlit mirror provides the perfect counterbalance to the geometric lines of the vanity.

Optimize a Small Space


If your goal is to fit a stunning vanity into a small bathroom or powder room, you don’t have to compromise style or functionality. This Underground vanity features a striking frame with an asymmetrically positioned drawer and smoked glass lower shelf. The wood-look finish is tied together with a matte black metal frame and a bright matte white countertop.

Personalized wall-mounted open shelving with vertical dividers creates stylish cubbies for optimal organization, while the top-lit rectangular mirror provides elegant illumination and functionality.

Clean and Minimalist


Simple creative moves with the vanity can take a minimalist bathroom from flat to fantastic. This Urban Low Height vanity takes advantage of the modular approach by staggering two elements to maximize counter space while maintaining an airy, open environment.  

The wall-mounted Kros storage above continues the cascading effect with sleek angles, providing design continuity. The round mirror adds a touch of softness and warmth to an otherwise angular space. 

chapter 6

Individuality Through a Collaborative Process

The Hastings approach centers around your design vision and lifestyle preferences. It all starts with you.

Collaboration with Designers

Even when you and your clients have clear goals for luxury vanity design, it can be challenging to find the perfect solution. Relax—we’re here to help you every step of the way with our modular approach that allows you to personalize style and functionality. 

Our savvy design expertise, collaborative spirit, and cutting-edge product access and solutions propel design projects forward. Hastings has the experience and insights to look at bathroom design from an intrinsic perspective, bringing clarity and simplifying the design journey.

Our collaborative process and dynamic design frameworks help you get out of a creative rut with fresh vanity solutions that satisfy your clients’ aesthetic and functional needs. Free up internal resources and let Hastings handle the ins and outs of the luxury vanity design process.

Collaboration with End Users

When we work directly with homeowners, we dive into the “why” to uncover the “what,” including daily habits, storage needs, aesthetic goals, and every little detail that will help us uncover the ideal vanity design solution together.

Settling is a thing of the past. With the Hastings modular approach, you get lifestyle-driven solutions that enhance your design theme. Our dynamic framework allows you to craft a vanity that elevates your space and fits your lifestyle.

Hastings Vanity Collections

Simplify your design journey by starting with the Hastings collection that best matches your aesthetic vision and tailor it to your needs. Carefully curated with our Italian design partners, every vanity collection is designed with personalization in mind.

Fly Mini PB pedestal

Get Started with Hastings

Whether you’re a designer or an end user, our team is here to help every step of the way, from brainstorming ideas to crafting luxury bathroom vanities personalized to your specifications. We start by listening to your needs and getting a deep understanding of your design vision so we can tailor a solution that supports your lifestyle. Talk to a design specialist today to get started.